Friday, January 16, 2009

Visit Mice Indonesia Year 2009

The tourism promotional targets, 2008 year, were focused at 12 main tourist markets, namely French, Dutch, British, German, Russian, Japanese, Singaporean, Australian, Korean, Malaysian, and Chinese.
Visit Indonesia Year (VIY) 2008 is the end last month. But it doesn't mean that the various effort in Indonesia's tourism follows suit.
I Gede Pitana, the International Promotions Director of Cultural and Tourism Ministry, once stated that besides the increase in tourism arrivals, another of the important effect of VIY is as stimulant for all areas in Indonesia. We may recall Visit Musi Year 2008.
In the beginning of 2009 Visit Mice Indonesia year 2009. Each area has carried out preparations to the maximum. It is a good sign for Indonesia's tourism.
MICE is primary part of the tourism industry. MICE as a major business brings a multidimensional effect that opens work fields, suppresses poverty, and becomes a local income source that supports the national economy. Its management needs the goverment's and private sectors integrative effort. This was proven not only dedication of the local goverments to improve various MICE and tourism facilities, ease of immigration service, and reliable transport, but alsoby the roles of the businesses that manage MICE and tourism areas and the marketing of unique local products.

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