Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SEMARANG A Historic and Charming City

Semarang when we hear the name, what comes to mind is the long history of one of the largest cities in Central Java, from the Dutch colonial era, through the Japanese occupation, to its return to Indonesia hands.
Centuries ago, Semarang was one of the centers from which Islam was disseminated to Indonesia, so it’s not surprising that the many ancient places of worship, such as the Grand Mosque of Central Java (Mesjid Agung Jawa Tengah) and the Tower Mosque (mesjid Menara), attract both foreign and domestic tourist. There’s also the “Bulging Chruch” (Gereja Blenduk), still in the original building from the early 18th century, and Vihara Buddhagaya, the oldest Buddhist monastery in Indonesia.

Its rapid growth has made Semarang a popular tourist destination in Central java, in addition to Solo and Yogyakarta. Multi-star hotels with international-standard facilities are now found throughout the city, and most have large ballrooms that are ideal for large meetings.
One well-known hotel in Semarang with excellent ballroom facilities is the Santika Premiere Semarang. This international-standard hotel located in the heart of Semarang has several ballrooms that are fully equipped to conduct any large. One ballroom that is frequently used is the Borobudur Ballroom. Within its 450 square meters, the modern facilities include Wi-Fi internet connection, TV+video, 1500 Lumen LCD screen and much more.
The Borobudur Ballroom can hold over 1000 persons, and is the perfect place for meetings or other large events.
Its sister hotel, the Graha Santika, has another ballroom that is regularly used for meetings, both business and social, though not quite as large as the Borobudur Ballroom at the Santika Premiere Hotel Semarang. There’s also Wisma Pancasila, located at Plaza Simpang Lima, which is well suited for any kind of meeting or event.
So if you want to hold a meeting or conduct a social event in Semarang, there’s nothing to fear; Semarang has several large ballrooms, located at five-star hotels with international-standard facilities.


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